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The Midnight Library May 23rd to July 18th

It was such a nice experience. It's probably my 6th or 8th book in Naran Club.

Now I feel confident finally to say I'm progressing pleasurably.

I couldn't even remember how I got this club at first but I'm glad many leaders guiding people and improving its own characteristics and systems. Of course, good people gathering here are also doing a lot.

I feel almost blessed that I could read out with other people in the world who are from my home country, and share ideas after reading a book, every time I got a warm feeling from everyone in that Zoom meeting room, every time, anyone can say it's like a miracle. And about the book's contents, there are lots of things that I wanna catch back again, but mostly I felt more relatable to Nora's situations than any other characters I've been reading through this club. I liked the fact that this book has lots of dialogues and talking oneself in very easy and common words. I hope the next book would be more enjoyable to read out with people.

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