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I saw the reality of the torture that destroys humanity!

1984 by George Orwell

I started reading

<1984> around the end of July and have now finished reading it.

Dystopian novels are literary works that sharply criticize reality and show a bleak vision of the future by depicting the negative aspects of modern society as fiction.

Perhaps because I don't know not much about politics and world history, I was so confused while reading this book, which is organized into parts 1, 2, and 3, especially part 2, that I had to read it over and over again.

Because the level of the members I was with was so high, I had to make a great effort to understand each page.

As I watched Winston, the main character, struggling to protect the truth and right spirit, I thought about who is struggling with a spirit like him in our country's current political scene.

In any case, there were some scenes that were similar to the reality of the our country's politics, suggesting many things.

The sight of a dictatorial society with cutting-edge technology and complete control over society was unimaginably horrific.

Besides, the ending of the story was so shocking that I think it will keep rummaging through my mind for a while.

In particular, the torture scene made me feel confused as it reminded me of the torture cases of many college students who fought for democratization in our country.

Looking back on our past

Among the testimonies of many righteous people who fought for democracy,

the anti-communist branch office in Namyeong-dong came to mind.

Mr. Kim Geun-tae also fell to his knees, unable to withstand the torture.

Park Jong-cheol also died as a result of the torture.

How unimaginably terrible it is!

I guess Mr. Kim had no choice but to name his colleague...

I was told that it appeared in Kim Geun-tae's autobiography.

If I get a chance, I want to read that book as well.

And I believe that torture that cannot be endured by people should never be continued under any circumstances because it leads to the destruction of humanity and the destruction of thought.

This is a novel that makes us feel once again that power cannot be politicalized under any circumstances and that freedom is precious.

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